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I would have to agree with the mayor. Close that whole shopping center around the current HEB in Texas City, including the HEB, and sell it off to someone that will demo it and build something up-to-date with newer stores. And yes, a large HEB, near I45 and the dog track, would do well. I live off by east-side of Texas City and drive to the Dickinson HEB to shop. I have always thought that a great location for a new HEB would be between, 1764 - I45 - Century Blvd. If they could team up with stores like Academy (which we need and would do well there), HomeDepot, and draw in a variety of other stores, I think it would be a good fit there and stay real busy. I'm sure the TC mayor can work out a deal they can't refuse, to get them at that location. The city could even add an access road off of Century Blvd, that would help with traffic flow to-and-from the shopping area. With the future housing developments around the outlet mall, a large HEB would be a sure fit and complement the housing development there and in other places around town and that area. If you build it, they will come. Just don't look at the Mall of the Mainland when you say that!

Lars Faltskog

We still could use a new HEB on the island. HEB touts they are a "Texas Tradition", yet they won't rebuild in one of Texas' oldest and most established cities - Galveston. A crying shame. Go ahead and build a new one in TC, Ding Dong Dolly Dumas in the Panhandle, or in Falfurrias for that matter. We, the mobile consumers who do business off the island, we don't forget things like this, and we have plenty of other choices.

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