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Lars Faltskog

Are these "news stores" that sell magazines, newspapers? Or new stores that offer knives, cutlery and hunting supplies, etc?

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

Thanks for catching that. I wish you were reading it before it went to press.

Steve Fouga

Hahahaha! Lars caught Laura in a rare proofing booboo!

Since it's clear to all, Lars, what the stores actually are, I say this is GREAT news!

For a seacoast town, Galveston has remarkably few outdoors and athletics stores, and any new ones are hugely welcome!

I'm sure the paucity of such stores is due to Galveston's unusual demographics for a resort city -- we're basically a smallish commuter town whose residents are poor. You won't find many Van Staal reels or Colnago bicycles for sale in Galveston. Academy does a fine job (though not as fine as the Webster store), but we can always use some new ones.

Now if only parking on the Strand could be made as easy for residents as it is on Seawall...

George Croix

'Manly' stores?
Cutlery and jerky?
Where are all the 'feminists' howling about that description...[beam][beam]
I don't know about anyone else's, but my wife handles sharp objects, and likes jerkey...
I can attest with a high degree of confidence after over 40 years that all the pertinent parts that make the distinction between male and female are, in fact, there... [beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam]

Lars Faltskog

Too bad. I was hoping that Barbara Walters, after her retirement, would come to Galveston and open up a news store.

Even so, if anyone needs a proofreader, I'm available. Salary negotiable. [cool]

And, it IS manly to have a knife collection, but not lady-like for a female to be chomping on beef jerky.

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