Santa Fe gets down-home eatery

Joyce Fenter, left, and Pam Chenoweth, along with Fentner’s sister Rhonda Wagner, have opened Red Dirt & Blue Jeans, 13021 state Highway 6, in Santa Fe, where they serve sandwiches such as The Duke, a traditional club, and homemade pies like their YumYum pie with blueberries and cherries.

Business and gravy: Santa Fe residents are buzzing about a new eatery with a very Texas feel. Co-owners Joyce Fenter and Pamela Chenoweth have opened Red Dirt & Blue Jeans, 13021 state Highway 6. They call it a down-home Texas tea room.

Red Dirt & Blue Jeans, which opened last month, serves homemade pies, sizable sandwiches and such daily lunch specials as Sloppy Joes, King Ranch casserole and meat loaf. The restaurant recently has added biscuits and gravy to the menu.

Red Dirt & Blue Jeans, which also specializes in gourmet coffees and sells gifts and accessories, is open from 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays and accepts takeout orders on Mondays.

Whata-surprise: Want fries with that hardhat? This week, fans of Whataburger, 6327 Stewart Road on the island, were met with construction crews and a banner explaining the restaurant was closed temporarily for improvements. Corporate officials on Wednesday said it was for interior and exterior remodeling. No word on when it would reopen.

The Stewart Road Whataburger building is fairly new. The one before it survived Hurricane Ike, but in 2009 the Texas-based chain decided to demolish it and replace it with a new one as part of what it called its long-term island investment.

While waiting for the Stewart Road restaurant to reopen, fans can still get their favorite burgers and Taquitos at the other island Whataburger, 528 University Blvd. Stay tuned.

Buzz delivery: League City residents have new options when it comes to pizza. Earlier this week, Marco’s Pizza, 1490 W. League City Parkway, officially made its debut with a grand opening celebration.

Marco Montes is the franchise owner. Montes, who wanted to pursue his dream of business ownership, began researching various franchises and came upon Marco’s Pizza. He liked the business model and the fact that he shared the same name as the pizza chain. He’ll run the business with his wife and father. Native Italian Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco in 1978 launched the Toledo, Ohio-based Marco’s Pizza. Today, there are 700 stores in more than 30 states, the Bahamas, India and Puerto Rico.

Cluck stops here: In more League City dining news, Chicken Express plans a store at the corner of FM 518 and Alabama Avenue, according to astute readers and the chain’s website. Chicken Express, which last year confirmed plans to open a mid-county restaurant in Santa Fe, serves fried chicken meals and sides, drinks and desserts. Stay tuned.

Silver market: A family owned business that provides a place to live for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease has opened a second location, this time in Friendswood.

Tiger and Melia Boone have opened the 16-room Serenity Gardens at 118 W. Willowick Ave.

Five years ago, the Boones opened Serenity Gardens at 1818 Gill Road in Dickinson.

With growing demand for such services, the Boones expect to open more such facilities in the county, but won’t grow at the expense of quality care, Tiger Boone said.

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