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Jim Casey

I am optimistic about Galveston, but ...

Regarding the Falstaff Brewery, vacant retail and office space can be found all over the island, including in the Strand area and on Broadway and Tremont Street. These are areas with heavy street traffic—established, known business areas.

How could someone lease out a million square feet at 33rd and Mechanic? They must be a lot smarter and more ambitious than I.

The "highest and best" use for that building is recycled bricks.

-- Jim

Ellen Morrison

I think that someone hyped that area/building to them... with the possible building of whatever they are rebranding that was once Cedar Terrace, I am sure that MBS is going crazy trying to encourage additional investment in the area. Nice to know that not everyone can be fooled.

Steve Fouga

Jim -- I'm curious why you're optimistic about Galveston. I love this place, and I WANT to be optimistic, but it's hard when I keep seeing questionable decisions made, silly concepts garnering support from local committees and organizations, and a serious "lack-of-process" problem in City government and management.

I've only been here 2 years. Must be terribly frustrating for long-time residents...

Jim Casey

"Jim -- I'm curious why you're optimistic about Galveston...."

Like Churchill said in a slightly different context, they'll do the right thing after they try everything else.

Some wasteful and stupid mistakes are made, but that's no different from anywhere.

This sandbar has been inhabited by civilized society and recovered from disasters for over 175 years. As some stock broker used to say in their commercials, past performance is no guarantee of future results. But after enjoying the aftermath of Ike here, I know there are plenty of people who will persevere and be taken out feet-first.

- Jim

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