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Steve Fouga

End of an era. I lived in Fort Worth 1975-2011, but visited Galveston several times each year as a tourist. A trip to the Island wasn't complete without a stop at Col. Bubbies. For years I hunted in surplus camo purchased there. I haven't been to the store lately, but I'll be sure to take at least one more tour of the jam-packed, convoluted warehouse before it shuts down, marveling at how small European soldiers and sailors must be...

George Croix

If they didn't have it, you probably didn't need it...

JD Arnold

An end of an era. I remember back in the 70's in my Coast Guard days, hustling down to bubbies to get that last minute uniform item before inspecton time. Good times.

Brian Cann

Love the Reiswergs. Great people. Hate to see Col. Bubbie go. By far the coolest store in Galveston county, possibly all of Texas. Enjoy your time off, Suzy.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Sad news to see it go. So many of the great Army-Navy surplus stores across the country have disappeared in recent years. When the one on Sand Street in Brooklyn and worse, the "Union War Surplus" in San Pedro California closed, I missed the warning and so lost the opportunity to stock up on items unavailable in the rest of the world. Thank you to Suzie and GDN for giving us the advance warning. I will be there Saturday, with a wheelbarrow and a bag of cash, before the good stuff is all gone.

I guess after Meyer's passing, this was inevitable but many thanks to Suzie for keeping it open this long.

Jarvis Buckley

Col. Bubbies was a great place. See you on the other side.

micheal moore

Jake Buckner - why do you think the Europeans need Americans to fight all their wars for them?

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