On the rise: Upscale multifamily units apparently are in high demand at Tuscan Lakes, state Highway 96 and FM 270 in League City, where a total of 982 units on 48.5 acres boast occupancy of 95 percent. And there’s soon to be more.

Crews have begun work on The Avenues at Tuscan Lakes, a 302-unit luxury complex on 24.1 acres, on the east side of FM 270 at Hewitt Street. Atlanta-based Davis Development is behind the project. Davis Development is the same firm that built the 206-unit Grand Villas on 14.2 acres at Tuscan Lakes.

Houston-based Martin Fein Interests developed 776 units at Tuscan Lakes under the names Ravello, Sorrento and Amalfi. For those who like math, the 302 units under way at Tuscan Lakes makes for a total of 1,284 on 72.6 acres. The Johnson Development Corp. is behind Tuscan Lakes, a master-planned community on 870 acres, which, when built out, also will have about 1,800 single-family home sites. Already, about 900 single-family homes are built, with another 900 expected in the next five to six years.

Elsewhere in League City, Atticus Real Estate plans to begin construction in about 90 days on a 203-unit luxury apartment complex called Newport at Marina Bend. The complex is planned for the northeast corner of Interstate 45 and FM 518 on a six-acre tract that once was part of a proposed larger project called River Bend. Before that, it was River Market.

A few years ago, Colorado-based Deerwood Development had planned to build the upscale apartment complex as part of a 68-acre project. But plans didn’t pan out. “ ... Since we already had a contract on the land with Deerwood, we just rewrote the contract so that we purchased the land directly from the lender,” said Stacy Gray, vice president of Atticus.

Additional phases, being organized by Darin Gosda of The Betz Cos., will include a hotel, offices and some boutique retail at the site, Gray said. Atticus, which also has plans for a second phase multifamily project at the site, had a hand in putting together the master plan that will allow for mixed-use components as well as a marina and park trail at the site. Stay tuned.

Preheating: The much-awaited opening of Zack’s Mac Shack, 2219 Postoffice St. in the island’s downtown, has been delayed. The eatery, dedicated to the ultimate comfort food — macaroni and cheese — didn’t receive the equipment it had ordered in time for a planned Wednesday opening. But that equipment should arrive Friday, allowing for an 11 a.m. Monday debut.

Business partners Phillip Duggins, Charles A. Noll and Luther Chakurian own Zack’s Mac Shack, which will serve all varieties of macaroni and cheese dishes, from basic mac and cheese with breadcrumbs to such exotic variations as “Thai Mac,” along with salads and more.

In the Groove: Looking to stretch your exercise horizons? Coastal Groove Fusion/Coastal Groove Pilates, 2304 Ave. N on the island, has added Gyrotonics to its repertoire, reports owner Nancy Reilly. Gyrotonics, which uses spiraling movements, allows users to stretch and strengthen muscles, while simultaneously stimulating and strengthening connective tissues in and around the joints of the body, according to the Gyrotonics website.

Exercises are synchronized with corresponding breathing patterns to enhance aerobic and cardiovascular stimulation and promote neuromuscular rejuvenation, according to the site. Gyrotonics, which uses elements of Pilates, yoga, Tai-chi and swimming, was created in the 1980s by former dancer Juliu Horvath. Nancy Reilly owns Coastal Groove Fusion. For information, call 970-389-2180.

Buzz blooper: A Biz Buzz item in Tuesday’s edition should have said that Coastal Direct Auto & Fleet Services, a full-service auto repair shop and seller of used cars, has moved to 1000 Holly St. in La Marque. For information, call 409-995-0088.

Laura Elder is a reporter for The Daily News. Biz Buzz appears Tuesdays and Thursdays. Email your tips and suggestions to laura.elder@galvnews.com.

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