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Miceal O'Laochdha

Well, it is going to be a challenge to step into the shoes of Luigi, in my opinion. But the description of the new restaurant's plans, especially giving their business to Katie's and Sampson's, sounds very good, and we will certainly give it a fair tryout, when they open.

The best news is that Luigi's is not being taken over by another bloody T-shirt shop, as was the ignoble fate of the first good restaurant on the blossoming Strand long ago: Café Torriffie' (sp).

Steve Fouga

I agree with miceal. Luigi's was top-notch, one of Galveston's best restaurants of any type. I thought Luigi's even had the Isle's best SEAFOOD! So yes, it'll be hard for Riondo's to top that, but I can hardly wait to try it...


Could you get some details about Bucees opening? Will it be Monday, May 5, or later? Will they have special opening day offers (free cups, food, shirts,etc.. for first customers)? Maybe get an Idea of what the store has to offer? Thanks

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