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Richard Moore
Richard Moore

So let us parse the purported rational the Port is using for this increase:
“…private parking lots, which have profited from those investments, should help cover related expenses…”
Would the Wharves Board, using this logic, establish a “Shopping Bag Fee” to assess the downtown merchants based upon shopping bags passengers might bring into the terminal?

“…private parking lots, ….should help cover related expenses such as …infrastructure and channel dredging costs…”
This also is “wrong headed thinking”. The Port needs to develop a fee structure for its primary business which covers it’s infrastructure costs. Operating expenses also need to be appropriate. This is the “Core Business” of the Port – not parking, which can be provided by the private sector.

An assessment that can be equitably applied to all parking vans (including POG) to help cover the cost of “... security and traffic control,…” is probably appropriate

Matt Coulson

Exactly right.

Andy Aycoth

I think all the merchants on the Strand or restaurants within a one mile radius should pay a fee.
Also how about any companies that service the ships ?
They all profit ! It is like a tax, where does it stop ?
I will tell you when it stops when there are no more business left because they moved on .

Joel Martin

If there were no cruise ships then there would be no need for private lots and a lot less shoppers downtown and fewer motel patrons also.

Donnie Kelemen

Why not just put a toll booth on the causeway and only charge people going on a cruise?

PD Hyatt

Why do some people think that they have to tax EVERYTHING that moves? When is enough taxation, enough.... The rust belt taxed everything till the companies moved.... Is that what Wharf Trustees want? Do they want to lose ALL cruise ships to Houston and elsewhere???? Keep taxing and rasing the prices and see what happens....

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