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Great to hear Fortune will be back! I recently went to the Supercuts in Texas City, and was told they will be closing at the end of the year, possibly this Sunday Dec. 15. Apparently HEB owns the building and are ending leases. A person at Supercuts said the only lease they believe will still exist in the strip center, is for Cici's Pizza. Laura, could you do a little digging into this? It would be interesting to know that the property will finally be developed. Also, the amusement park that will be built by the Tanger Outlet Mall has changed their name. It was to be called Playland Park, but recently renamed it Adventure Pointe. They sent out the name change, and an interesting video of what will be built, on Facebook. I'm kinda excited to see what it will look like. But, the traffic around the area will be horrible. I hope the City of Texas City will do some big improvements for traffic flow around the Mall, Buccee's, and the future Park. That will be a big key improvement to keep people coming and not turning them off because of traffic and parking issues. That's why Buccee's is so popular. You can walk in, use the clean bathroom, buy something, and walk out. No delays or issues at all. That's what people look for! If the city can do that in that area, there will be huge growth with huge tax income.

Laura Elder

Hi Donnie,
Thanks for amusement park tip. And I will certainly look into the HEB shopping center status. It's been a while since I've written about that. Stay tuned!

Norma Bonneau

What is happening with Fortune. I read were they were going to open on Jan. 31 and it didn't happen. Any idea when or if they are going to reopen?

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