DEAR BRUCE: I went in with a so-called friend to subcontract painting a house for $12,000 on the exterior and $8,000 on the interior. The total we were supposed to make was $6,000 apiece after it was all said and done, but he has now backed out, which means he’s keeping all the money. No formal contract was made, although there is paperwork to substantiate it was not made up. What recourse do I have, if any? — M.R.

DEAR M.R.: The fact that you didn’t have a written contract is not going to work in your favor, but it’s no excuse for you not to bring action against him. The $6,000 is certainly worth going after.

I would tell him that you want your $6,000 or you’re going to sue him. Send him a formal letter saying you expect to be paid according to the agreement, and if he doesn’t, start a suit. You may have to use an attorney to guide you, but $6,000 is worth it, in my opinion.

I feel sorry for you not only losing the money, but losing a friend, as well.

DEAR BRUCE: I pay $36 a month for Obamacare. It works very well for me. I was wondering about getting extra insurance. I heard Aflac is a good supplemental insurance to get in case I get hurt and can’t work. Do you think this might be a good idea? — Reader

DEAR READER: I can’t imagine that you can get any kind of coverage for $36 a month, but if you do, it certainly does work very well for you! As to getting Aflac or another company policy for some type of coverage in case you can’t work — that’s not a bad idea.

Do some research by calling the company and asking questions. Aflac is a good supplemental carrier, but don’t stop at one. Get four or five different quotes. Find out how the various coverages can work for you. I think you will be shocked to find out how much more this will cost compared to the Obamacare.

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