I find it difficult to measure my respect and gratitude toward these two gentlemen, Bill Ross and Vic Pierson.

My parents have always instilled in me the desire to be kind, loving, loyal, humble and honest, to work hard, be thankful, smile often and never stop learning.

They also taught me to recognize these golden characteristics in other people. When people show you who they are, believe them.

During the past 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing both Bill and Vic as colleagues and dear friends.

With every success and hardship these last 20 years have brought, they each have never ceased to amaze me.

Bill and Vic have served on countless boards, committees and volunteer groups.

Yet although their participation is so widespread, when either one of them is part of your organization, you feel you have his undivided attention.

They are never looking at their watch, taking calls, texting or busy with other things; they are always in that moment with you doing their best to take on the situation at hand.

As a result, with every task they tackle, with every stride they make, the successes of their efforts have always been nothing short of abundant.

These men are humble doers, never seeking credit. They are go-getters, leaders, activists; they never sit on the sidelines.

They are the type of people I can call on whenever I need anything.

Bill and Vic are some of the chamber’s lifelines. They are our first responders.

Recipient of this year’s Galvestonian of the Year, Vic Pierson, serves as the president of Moody National Bank.

He represents Galveston with class and enthusiasm no matter where his job, volunteer endeavors or personal travels may take him.

He handles every business issue with professionalism while caring about all us personally, and he leads us with an unwavering positive attitude.

Recipient of the chamber’s first William A. “Bill” Ross Lifetime Achievement award will be presented to Bill Ross.

This award, created specifically in his honor, represents an individual who finds himself in the arena, who demonstrates enthusiasm, devotion and strives valiantly for worthy causes regardless of any outcome.

Bill manages the operation of more than 20 historic buildings in downtown Galveston and three hotels.

The Galveston Chamber of Commerce is hosting our Two Extraordinary Men; One Enchanted Evening to honor both Bill Ross and Vic Pierson on Friday at the Moody Gardens Hotel Ballroom.

This “Great Gatsby” style event, brought to you by the help of our “Most Interesting Men” table sponsors, includes a seated dinner, drinks and dancing to smooth jazz.

The musical entertainment, so graciously sponsored by Galveston Insurance Association, brings together for the first time the gifted saxophonist Stephan Richard and the E. Nicole Band.

I would venture to say that every business and nonprofit has been impacted in some small or enormous way through the work of Bill and Vic.

They are rare men with so much to offer. They have showed me who they are, and I believe them. Extraordinary.

At a glance

WHAT: Two Extraordinary Men; One Enchanted Evening

WHO: Galveston Chamber of Commerce

WHEN: 7 p.m. Friday

WHERE: Moody Gardens Hotel Ballroom, 7 Hope Blvd., in Galveston

DETAILS: Tickets can be purchased by calling 409-763-5326 or visiting www.galvestonchamber.com

Gina Spagnola is president of the Galveston Chamber of Commerce.

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