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Matt Coulson

Where do the companies get the nicotine,and what else are they vaporizing?

holly canterbury

Island Vaporium. Has great customer service Cane and Patrick are Awsome if you want to quit smoking cigarettes they can help you get started i smoked cigaretts for 30 plus years i started with a e cig annd havent had a cigarette since Febuary it really does work i dont think i could of done it with out vaping they also have a great selection of house juices




Matt, I can't speak for all companies, but Vaporsense gets its nicotine from an American company that has very strict quality control. Its proprietary information but anything inhaled from us comes from very reputable American companies. Be wary of liquids coming from China as you can't be sure of the quality of ingredients.

Mike Meador

Do your research! Not being a e-cigarette does not make it safe. At this time the FDA hasn't made what you're putting in your body safe - they just don't know the ramifications about your health using the E-cig.
After 30 years of smoking, I would have used anything to help me get rid of using real tobacco. After a heart attack, that's what it took for me......cold turkey, without any need to want to go back to smoking.
E-cig flouts the idea they help get smokers to lessen using nicotine. I hope what they say is true. But I also have friends who move from nicotine to marijuana.

George Croix

Kids, the best way to avoid being unable to control your own urges and a captive to a little burning stick under your nose with no willpower to stop lighting one is DO NOT ever put the first one in your mouth. Not even an unlit one.
Worked for me.
Smoking doesn't make you 'look cool'. In this day and age, and knowing what we all know, it makes you look dumb
Avoid smoking and dope, and booze to excess, then you'll be the one standing ABOVE ground as your buddies who just couldn't show any willpower are lowered into it.

That alone is a pretty good incentive...lack of premature death....

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