GALVESTON — Gulf Copper Dry Dock and Rig Repair has been awarded a second contract from Ensco, a world-leader in offshore drilling, for a planned survey of ENSCO 8500 ultra-deepwater semisubmersible rig. Gulf Copper will complete the survey at its Galveston facility on Pelican Island.

ENSCO 8500 is among the Ensco’s premier series, vessels that provide drilling services across the globe. 

Founded in 1948, Gulf Copper is an employee-owned company whose primary business is the repair and refurbishment of marine vessels, offshore rigs and the fabrication of ancillary components and equipment for the drilling, subsea and topside markets. Gulf Copper maintains facilities in Port Arthur, Galveston and Corpus Christie, in San Diego and on the island of Guam.

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JD Arnold

Hmmmm, headline says "New Crane at Gulf Copper" but then the article never mentions the "Crane". Whats up with that GDN?

W. H. Nelson

looks like a rig to me

Mike Leahy

This appears to be a news release by Gulf Copper. In which case, all the newspaper had to do was add a headline and photo caption. Maybe the photo and headline editors think the drilling derrick is a crane? They need a to have a real waterfront reporter again.

Well there are a couple of cranes on the rig, so I guess you could say it is not entirely false...

JD Arnold

I noticed they changed the headline....

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