7 p.m. on FOX Rosewood The probe of a schoolteacher’s death leads Rosewood and Villa (Morris Chestnut, Jaina Lee Ortiz) to human traffickers in the new episode “Amparo & the American Dream.” The detectives’ relationship is impacted by something they learn about Slade (Eddie Cibrian). Sam Huntington continues his guest role. Lorraine Toussaint, Gabrielle Dennis, Anna Konkle and Domenick Lombardozzi also star.

7 p.m. on NBC First Dates Arriving at a first date with a checklist for your potential partner might not be the best idea, as is demonstrated by the new episode “A Cat Is a Red Flag.” From that title, something tells us that a pet feline is not one of the desired elements in this case. Another dater gets caught in a series of lies ... which is especially not pretty when it happens on camera. Drew Barrymore narrates the unscripted series executive-produced by Ellen DeGeneres.

7 p.m. on ABC The Toy Box New twists on a playtime staple — building blocks — inform this new episode of the series that potentially brings a toy from inception to market. A Utah couple pitches a life-size construction kit that lets children assemble playhouses for themselves, while an Arkansas inventor presents blocks designed for use in swimming pools. Also featured during the hour is an Illinois developer’s idea for a therapy doll. Eric Stonestreet (“Modern Family”) is the host.

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