7 p.m. on NBC

Little Big Shots

In the new episode “New Sheriff in Town,” host Steve Harvey welcomes a 5-year-old cowboy who really knows his way around a lasso, an 8-year-old slackliner from Japan, a junior blues guitarist from England, two young girls who have become viral sensations and a 4-year-old geography prodigy.

7:30 p.m. on FOX

Making History

Deborah discovers Dan may not be quite the dazzling 18th century inventor he claimed to be, which causes her to rethink their relationship in the new “The Boyfriend Experience.” Elsewhere, Chris redoubles his efforts to achieve tenure, under the hawklike scrutiny of his mentor, Dr. Cobell (guest star Ben Vereen). Neil Casey and John Gemberling also star.

8 p.m. on CBS

Madam Secretary

Elizabeth’s decision to meet with an ailing Dalai Lama offends Chinese leaders, threatening landmark climate treaty with more than 200 countries in the new episode “Swept Away.” Elsewhere, Henry worries about the safety of an undercover operative, while Abby (guest star Stephanie J. Block) serves Jay (Sebastian Arcellus) a custody agreement for their daughter. Sarita Choudhury and Jan Maxwell also guest star.

9 p.m. on ABC

American Crime

Isaac (Richard Cabral) tries to protect Coy (Connor Jessup) from abusive conditions working in the fields, even as Luis (Benito Martinez) feels himself sinking further into abject servitude on the farm in the new Season Three: Episode 2. Jeannette (Felicity Huffman) suspects her family is playing down a trailer fire that killed several of their undocumented workers. Kimara (Regina King) tries to persude Shae (guest star Ana Mulvoy Ten) to take a first step toward empowerment by testifying against her former pimp.

9 p.m. on FX

Feud: Bette and Joan

The hostility between Bette and Joan (Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange) manifests itself in shockingly physical attacks as filming on Baby Jane reaches its climax. Bette strained her relationship with daughter B.D. (Kiernan Shipka, Mad Men) when she grows close to a new cast member. Elsewhere, Joan reveals an uncharacteristically intimate detail about her past.

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