7 p.m. on PBS

The Contenders — 16 for ’16

The title of the new episode “Perot/Nader — The Independents” certainly describes the presidential bids of industrialist H. Ross Perot and consumer advocate Ralph Nader, who ran outside the traditional two-party system and conducted campaigns very much in their own styles. Both appeared to relish their “outsider” status, which enabled them to lobby for votes in an unfettered way that would influence others’ later runs for America’s highest office.

7 p.m. on FOX

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

An annual, seasonal competition is on again in the new episode “Halloween IV,” as the detectives vie to be the champ of the Halloween Heist contest. The stakes are upped — and we don’t just mean in the vampire sense — as the rivalry reaches a new level of intensity.

7:30 p.m. on ABC

American Housewife

Katie’s desire to get some rest is sidetracked in the new episode “The Nap.” She’s been up all night with the kids, but Greg’s bout with the flu means she has to keep going without a break. The level of her exhaustion ultimately shows itself when she gets into an argument with the school crossing guard.

8 p.m. on NBC

This Is Us

A trip to “The Pool” — the title of this new episode — proves revelatory for Rebecca and Jack, who come to understand the respective challenges faced by each of their children. Kevin gets his own challenge from an actress during a Broadway audition. An encounter with Toby’s ex-wife unnerves Kate.

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