The elements are coming together for fairly decent rains over large parts of North and East Texas. Whether this will benefit Galveston County remains the big question.

A complicated mix of deep moisture levels, a cold front sagging south into North Texas and a low pressure trough expected to develop to our west, could produce heavy rains over sections of the state. Still, most models focus the bulk of the rain off to our north.

While thundershowers have roamed across our area for much of this month, overall amounts have been far less than normal for the first half of July. Sholes Field, west of 61st Street in Galveston, has officially received only 0.07 inches through the first 14 days of July. The National Weather Service Office in League City/Dickinson has not fared much better with but 0.14 inches of rain recorded there. Some spots of the county are doing a little better with Santa Fe reporting more than an inch for the month so far and central Galveston receiving 1.09 inches thus far. Still, more precipitation will be needed if we are to avoid slipping back into drought conditions.

So, will Galveston get lucky and finally get some needed July precipitation or will we again miss out on most of the rain? A lot will depend on how far south the front and associated rains manage to get before dissipating and exactly where the rains develop later this week in response to a low and frontal boundary to our west.

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Stan Blazyk is a life-long weather enthusiast, long-time Galveston resident and author of "A Century of Galveston Weather." He has written the weather blog for the Galveston County Daily News for more than a decade.

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Will the Brazos river basin get any of this rain?

Stan Blazyk Staff
Stan Blazyk

Northern parts of the Basin got some rain yesterday and the area from College Station eastward has a fairly good chance for rain late Thursday into Friday[]=0&layer[]=1&layer[]=4&timetype=RECENT&loctype=STATE&units=engl&timeframe=current&product=observed&loc=stateTX

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