Our recent cold front brought windy, wet, cold weather to the county, giving residents a real touch of winter for Christmas and much of this week. The good news is that milder conditions will be creeping into the area later today and tomorrow.

However, this will be accompanied by fog and light rain as winds veer around to the east and southeast and a low and warm front develop near the coast and drift northward.

Any relief temperature wise, however, will be relatively short-lived. A gusty, Arctic front is expected to barrel across Texas on New Year’s Eve, reaching the coast during the afternoon or early evening hours. This latest blast of cold air will bring the coldest temperatures of the season so far to Galveston County, along with very uncomfortable wind chills as low temperatures drop to the mid to upper 20s by Tuesday morning over inland areas of the County and near 30 degrees at the coast.

This will bring the first freeze to Galveston this season (the previous low was 34 degrees on Dec. 8) and will give inland areas its deepest freeze so far (the previous low at League City this month was 29 degrees).

In addition to the front, there is a remote possibility of some freezing drizzle or rain behind the front as skies clear, though the best chances for frozen precipitation will be off to our north. In any case, those planning to travel to North Texas or to parts of Central Texas may have to pay attention to weather advisories in the wake of the cold front.

If there is any consolation, temperatures should slowly climb back toward normal near the end of next week. Unfortunately, early outlooks suggest that another cold front may reach the coast by next Friday or so, bringing back an unwelcome (to many) chill.

Stan Blazyk is a life-long weather enthusiast, long-time Galveston resident and author of "A Century of Galveston Weather." He has written the weather blog for the Galveston County Daily News for more than a decade.

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Donna Spencer

Stan, for the island, do you have any idea how long we may be freezing ?
( Noel here )

Stan Blazyk Staff
Stan Blazyk

Donna, that is a little tricky to say at this point. The high temperature New Year's Day is projected to be 39 degrees on the Island and the projected low Tuesday morning has lowered a couple degrees to 28. If it does drop to 28, we can anticipate at least 4-6 hours of below freezing temperatures with 8 hours not entirely impossible since the high Tuesday will only be around 38. A light freeze is possible Wednesday morning with the low near 32 on the Island. Of course, inland areas of the County away from the water can expect temperatures 4-6 degrees lower, so definitely a hard freeze in those locales.

Steve Fouga

Thanks, really useful info.

Diane Turski

Thank you, Stan! We always appreciate your weather forecast information.

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