Welcome to my Fatboy series. This is a chronicle of my journey after weight loss surgery in January 2012 at the University of Texas Medical Branch Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery.

Happy New Year.

Sure most of you celebrated the start of 2013 on Jan. 1. But Jan. 9 is my new year. It was Jan. 9, 2012 that I went under the knife at The University of Texas Medical Branch for my gastric sleeve weight-loss surgery.

I really didn’t know what to expect when I went in the hospital. I had plenty of friends who had experienced weight-loss surgery, but I was pretty worried that I was about to attempt something that wouldn’t work.

And, if anything, the past 12 months taught me is that surgery alone is not the answer. There is diet, exercise and more importantly the willingness to get your head on straight.

I spent the past week or so looking back at photos from a year ago. On my one-year visit to the UTMB-Health Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery on Wednesday it wasn’t a photo that recounted my yearlong journey, but a line graphic. (see above)

It showed my weight loss drop since the surgery. The line goes down steadily and then in April drops dramatically and continues big drops.

That even caught me by surprise.

I think back to a year ago and remember how much pain I was in. I remember being stuck at my parent’s house for a few weeks, unable to eat real food and stir crazy because I wasn’t at the office.

I remember walking around with a tube hanging out of me to drain yucky stuff from my abdomen. And I remember not seeing huge progress in my weight loss and the frustration — and fear — that it wasn’t working the way I had envisioned. Then I started working out, really changing my diet and much of my lifestyle.

It started to work. This Fatboy was becoming less fat.

The journey has been remarkable and one I am proud to say I have taken. In the past year, I have heard from so many of you that this blog has served as an inspiration, so my lone resolution for the New Year was to be more active about updating it. So, if all goes as planned, I will have at least three blog posts a month.

One of the things I want to do is tell other success stories. Because I have heard from so many of you, including my friends Faith Corbett McNabb and Gary Scoggin, who went through their own surgeries, I want to be able to share those stories and more with all of you.

There is no single way to lose weight or get healthy. My story doesn’t fit everybody. I hope many of you will share your stories and photos so that I may share them with the readers of this blog.

Again, Happy New Year!


Fatboy: My new year just began

Fatboy is “Prime” time

A few days ago the latest issue of Prime Living magazine came out. This is a high-end lifestyle magazine distributed in the Houston-area. I am among three Houston-area people featured in the article “Losing to Win,” by Bruce Farr.

Also featured are former “Biggest Loser” contestant Mark Cornelison and retired high school teacher Anna Rudder. They have excellent stories of their journeys.

If I do say so myself, I particularly like the photo taken by the magazine’s photographer Mark Lipczynski. The photo, taken at TransforME/Body by Frances studio where I work out, turned out really nice.

It’s my hope you’ll read what Bruce had to write as well.


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Angela Taylor Wilson Staff
Angela Wilson

I'm so proud of you TJ! Not only do you look great, but you're a whole lot nicer now to work with! Keep up the great work![smile]

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