Welcome to my Fatboy series. This is a chronicle of my journey after weight loss surgery in January 2012 at the University of Texas Medical Branch Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery.

I discovered recently I am not superhuman with mystical powers to lose weight. Success, it would seem has gone to my head.

After months of drastic weight loss, I find myself still losing some pounds and inches off my waist, but not at the rate I was before. In a way, I guess you could say I peaked.

At one point during the past few months, I actually gained a few pounds. I’ve since dropped those pesky three pounds, but I still had a few weigh-ins where the weight went up and not down.

My doctors and the crew at UTMB Health’s Center for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery said this would happen. I was doing so good that I started to think their warnings didn’t apply to me.

I admit, I haven’t been following my regimen as well as I was before. I let my eating habits slip. I’ve skipped a few workouts. I drank a few non-calorie free sodas.

Man, this losing weight is hard.

If you recall, I was 421 about a year ago. Now I am down to 264 pounds. It was 267 a few weeks ago, though. I have a goal to reach 220 pounds by the end of the year. To do so, I need to buckle down. I need to go to some extra workouts at TransforME/Body by Frances and watch the diet.

Wait a second. That’s what regular people struggle with when they want to lose weight. That’s not supposed to be me. Right?

Nothing motivates me more than the fear of returning to what I once was. But there is no chance of that. The bigger struggle is convincing myself that where I am at now is not good enough. That there is still a better me ahead.

I am sure there are others out there who face similar struggles or even not sure where to start.

Here’s a deal for you.

I offer people who want a chance to take that first step to finding the better you to join me for one of our workout sessions at TransforMe/Body by Frances.

The owners let me invite a few people to come and experience a workout without worrying about paying or committing to a long-term deal.

It’s simple. Grab your workout clothes, a water bottle and a towel and meet me at 8 a.m. Saturday morning at the studio in the Gulfway Plaza Shopping Center 12003 Delany Road in La Marque. The studio is two doors down from Bootkicker’s Bingo.

While this is an intense workout, it is also one to do at your own pace. The trainer will work with you to make sure you get the most out of it without overdoing it. And everyone in our classes supports newcomers. We love new people, and there are no worries about body image, etc.

Just be prepared to sweat and feel your life change with every routine.

Already my friend Kathy Templeton made one of these Saturday classes. League City Mayor Tim Paulisen, who actually teaches health classes for senior citizens, threatened to show up, but so far hasn’t.

The first five people who show up Saturday, the class is on me.

What you do after that is up to you.


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Rich Gray

TJ, thanks for the invitation but darn it but I am about 2000 miles away in Northern Nevada so I didn't make it Saturday morning. What a story you have! I am impressed. I have lost 57 pounds on my own with a start weight of 319. Nothing compared to you! Thanks for the inspiration![smile]

Linda Huoni

Thanks for letting us in on your recovery from being obese. Keep up the good work.

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