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Kevin Lang

Laura, it sounds like you're getting in plenty of cardio-activity, and it seems like you are working out frequently enough and long enough. I'd use those Sunday sessions to incorporate your distance training. Your boot camp training is probably adding enough cardio intervals.

At this point, you're just training for 10K. With everything else you're doing, if you're getting in one run of about 30 minutes or so and another of 45-60 minutes, you're going to get the mental training you need. If you're still worried about a possible mental block, you can look for an opportunity from time to time to squeeze in another 30-40 minutes of running another day during the week.

One suggestion for the Sunday runs is to perhaps find locations around the area that offer varied scenery and terrain. For example, the Seabrook trails and the Kemah Bridge offer good training routes. I don't think TxDOT allows training runs on the Causeway, though. Training runs on the beach are nice, too. Afterwards, you can treat yourself to a nice breakfast as a reward.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

I will certainly give that a try. I heard there's some great scenery around Seabrook/Kemah for runners and bikers. Am completely on board with the treating myself to breakfast idea. Nice incentive!

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