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Walter Manuel

The reason that you can't get these people to talk about the tax increase is because they don't know enough of the truth to decipher it from a lie. Nor do they want you to ask them something about what they know has been going on in the election process in order to pass the TRE.

The other side of the coin is that while some of their friends are voting for the tax increase others aren't.

Some people are telling us in the community that while they are being asked by their friends how they voted they are telling them that they supported the tax increase when in actuality they didn't.

Remember, the truth shall set ALL of us free!

Robert Buckner

Most would be too embarrassed to be associated with the ilk promoting this TRE. If you believe all the liars, selfservers, halftruths, threats, misconceptions, and like the continued poor academic ratings, surrounding this issue then by all means throw away more money and vote for it. If you're sick and tired of all the [censored] BS and are looking for more responsible leadership, fiscal accountability, and efficient operating schools then vote AGAINST the garbage.

Robert Buckner

This election raises many questions:
1) Campaign literature lacking the disclaimer about who paid for the printing is illegal? If so then:
Who has the responsibility to remove such literature?
Is violation a criminal offense? Who would file charges? What are the penalties if convicted?
2) If public resources are used (phones, printers, computers, personnel) , how would this be addressed? Who would take action on this? Penalties?
The filing of campaign reports. If deadlines are ignored what are the penalties for this? If report contains lies, or obvious omissions then what are the penalties?
If rules are in place to conduct elections and campaigns then who sees that the rules are enforced?
It seems if there is no enforcement of the rules then they are worthless.

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