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GW Cornelius

Thank God for people like Wendy Davis.

Lars Faltskog

You said it! Wendy rocks! And, we definitely need a new governor. He "blows".

Gary Miller

Will no one mention she was hired by Planned Parenthood to do the filibuster.
Too bad her mother couldn't get an abortion.

Kevin Lang

So, abortion is OK with you, as long as the person being aborted is one that might grow up to see the world a little different from you?

I have a pretty high opinion of my opinions, but I would never want to see my opinions be the only opinions allowed.

Regardless of the other opinions people have, as a society, we must address them all. Regardless of the majority opinion, we must understand the messages conveyed in the minority opinions.

Rumi Cat

Owning your body and deciding who and when you want to share it with someone else is the most basic form of liberty. State, local, and federal government have no business interfering with this most basic right. I won't have my daughters or myself being treated like state property. Religious folks are entitled to their opinions but they aren't entitled to force pregnancy upon anybody.

Lars Faltskog

! IHOG ! -

You know, I wonder if our own current governor also "wishes away" folks who don't agree with him. In his pea-brained mind, all of those dregs who dare to be different - who happen to love someone of the same sex - he wishes them away.

Women who speak their minds and won't ever have a man tell them what to do - he hopes they simply disappear and go back to the kitchen. In his words, Davis "knows not what she does". And - how 'bout those "minorities" who don't think like he does (he and the Paula Deen types) - who long for white/male voting and business/land ownership. Well, the likes of Davis and folks like Sheila J. Lee are here to stay. Get with the 21st century.


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