GALVESTON — The city held a drawing this morning to determine how names will appear on the local election ballot on May 10.

Here are the results:


Don Mafrige

Jim Yarbrough

Raymond Guzman

Elizabeth Beeton

District 1

Cornelia Harris Banks

Tarris L. Woods

Ronald Dean

District 2

Susan Fennewald

Richard Batie

Craig Brown

District 3

Kate Marx

Ralph McMorris

District 4

David Hoover

Norman Pappous

District 5

Diana Bertini

Terrilyn Tarlton

Bill Quiroga

District 6

Marie Robb

Carolyn Sunseri

I don’t know how much ballot order effects local elections, it’s traditionally more an issue during large turnout elections when uninformed voters might vote straight ticket. Still, if the person in the No. 1 spot in each race won, the city would have five new council members.

What do you think? Could the ballot order effect the outcome of the city council race?

(1) comment

Jarvis Buckley

Possibly except for Mayor and I think the last name wins.

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