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GW Cornelius

I thought it was Alabama. More GOP BS at work. Time for a new commissioners court!!

Gary Miller

Yes Island runner.

A new Commissioners Court without any liberals is needed.
One without any union influence or progressives buying votes with workers earnings.

George Croix

The only people who want to still live in 1965 are the one's making a living off other people's misery.
SCOTUS has spoken. One step closer to equality. Continued race based special considerations 50 years after the fact is nothing more than contemporary separate but equal.

Gary Miller

Those residents worried about loosing minority representation are elected Democrats.
Democrats used the VRA for 50 years to limit conservative representation. Now is the time to draw districts that give conservatives an equal chance in every district.
Even Sheila J. Lee's district should be competitve.
If Republicans are as good at gerrymandering as Democrats have been Texas might rid itself of most liberal Democrats.
Conservative Democrats might look for TEA Party support against RINO Republicans.
Republican or Democrats means nothing to The TEA Party.
Conservative VS liberal is what they are about.

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