The rookery, part of the Audubon bird sanctuaries on High Island, is a hot spot for birders. Pink and white wings flurry back and forth. The air is filled with a cacophony of animalistic sounds. Every year, egrets, herons, ibis, cormorants and roseate spoonbill flock to the trees on top a small island within a lake in order to attract a mate, build a nest and raise chicks.

The light for photography is best early in the morning or late in the afternoon. But on a blue-skied day, any moment provides for great opportunity to catch the waders in flight.

Three viewing platforms provide excellent vantage points to set up camera tripods and binoculars. Entry fee is $7 per person.

The spectacle will only last until mid May, when the last chicks fly off and the Rookery will return to just another coastal wetland where mosquitoes buzz all day and reptiles bask in the mid-day quiet.

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