Living in a place where shores are  a few minutes from anywhere, it's still easy to go too many days without paying attention to the wetlands, a sunset, or water all together. Be it the Gulf or the bay, water is a great antidote for the electronic waves flooding our brains, and especially the ones of children.

Opening kids' eyes to nature's beauty is part of a parent's job and luckily, on Galveston, this is a fairly easy task.

Hopping on a bicycle, a scooter or just walking to the best location from which to watch the sunset could be part of summer evening routine.

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Steve Fouga

Great point, Irene.

I live on the Island mainly for the outdoor opportunities, yet some days I don't venture away from my own yard. Shame on me!

I always feel better after a walk on the beach or a ride or paddle on the West End.

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