GALVESTON — Police released the Radio Shack surveillance video of a robbery that happened Saturday, Dec. 29. Masked, armed robbers made off with $15,000 in high-end merchandise and cash.

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Pleas tell me how to understand the red light system at 61st.& I45. I was in the middle right turn lane and had a red light. the right lane had a green light and everyone was turning. the guy behind me kept blowing his horn at me, however my light was red. What goes? this has been a problem for years. Signs have been moved again.

Steve Fouga

Not sure why gumbo's comment was posted here, but it's a good question! As I understand it, the center lane may NOT turn right unless it has a green light. A sign further back from the intersection IMPLIES as much, but doesn't come right out and say it. (WHY it's not allowed is a different question; it seems to me that it should be allowed.)

The sign, much too far back and too small to be effective, says, I believe, that a right turn on red is only legal from the right lane. What's unclear to me is whether the right-turn arrow applies to both the right and center lanes. The implication is that it only applies to the right lane, but it's by no means clear. So when it's green it's hard to know if the center lane is allowed to turn, or not. Almost nobody stops there, red or green, unless there's heavy southbound traffic on 61st.

A sign, explicitly stating which turns are allowed on which lights, should be AT the intersection, not well before it.

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