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Really, I have to run a 5K? - The Galveston County Daily News: Newswise

December 2, 2016

The Daily News Press Run Really, I have to run a 5K?

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Posted: Monday, May 27, 2013 12:00 am

Sports Editor John DeLapp is training for his first 5K race, The Daily News Press Run, on Sept. 14, 2013.

I’ve gotten through my life with one simple notion — running is something that should be avoided. Now, I understand that there are times when running is required; but quite honestly, I have only found three:

• When there is a ball involved;

• Angry bees have decided that you are the cause of all of their problems;

• Free doughnuts for a limited time only.

Which makes what I am going to say next very difficult. I’m going to run a 5K in a few months.

Last fall, The Daily News hosted the inaugural Press Run, which benefited the Newspapers in Education program. It was pretty successful, too, and more than $17,000 was raised. So, we’re going to do another one this September and I’m going to do it.

I’ve racked my brain and I’m pretty sure I’ve never run a 5K. You tend to remember the foolish things you’ve done during the course of your life.

I’m a little clueless as to how to prepare for something like this. I know it involves running, but other than that, I’ve really got no idea what I’m doing.

I’m guessing other folks are in the same situation as me. You want to run a 5K, but you just don’t know how to get started. Well, why don’t we muddle along together?

Over at galvnews.com, we have a sports blog called From the Sidelines. Starting this week, I’m going to have regular posts about my running ordeal.

I can’t tell you what a typical blog post will be about, but it’s not going to be a daily discourse on times and distances. That makes my brain hurt just thinking about it.

I’ll talk about my successes and failures and there probably will be more of the latter than the former. In the end, the successful completion of the Press Run is all that matters anyway.

I want to hear from you, too. If somebody can help me avoid burning lungs and sore knees, I’m all ears.

So, see you on the road and the blog? I hope so.