Sports Editor John DeLapp is training for his first 5K race, The Daily News Press Run, on Sept. 14, 2013.

I realized a long time ago that the only thing I knew about running was that left-right left-right worked a whole lot better than any other combination out there. So, when I decided to undertake training for this 5K thing, I knew I needed help.

I asked around. Most of the folks I knew who ran suggested I get on The Galloway Plan. They all claimed it worked wonders.

One of the biggest proponents was a friend from college. I took her advice about how great it would be for me with more than a few grains of salt, though. After all, she is a leggy blonde and I am basically a lump of mashed potatoes.

But I decided to give the plan a chance and it turns out I'm pretty happy.

Jeff Galloway is long-time marathoner who ran in the Olympics back in 1972. He trains runners now and his plan is designed to get russets like me out on the road.

He also doesn't want me to hurt myself. I like that about him. Pain and myself have never gotten along.

Anyway, in the Galloway Plan, you alternate walking and running throughout the workout. At the beginning, it's a 1:1 ratio and eventually you work up to five minutes of running for every minute of walking.

That may seem weenie-ish, because you're supposed to be running, but the walking is important because it helps your body recover and that way you don't get hurt.

Here's the really crazy thing: Because of the recovery time, you are faster overall with the run/walk/run approach than if you ran for the whole time.

It's true. Galloway has reams of data to support it and who am I to argue with reams?

The plan seems to be working pretty well for me. I'm tired and have muscle soreness after running, but not muscle strains. I also actually look forward to going out in 90-degree heat and getting some running time in.

That one completely blind-sided me.

Well, gotta go get my sneakers on.

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