Some of us are in the middle of planning the second annual Daily News Press Run, which will be Sept. 14, featuring 1K, 5K and 10K races (the long ones on the causeway) and benefitting the laudable Newspapers in Education program.

A question arose recently about goodie bags. Most fun runs offer them, but does anybody really want them? I’d be happy to avoid ever being giving another bag with another cheap water bottle or koozie or keychain that I’m never going to use and won’t be able to get rid of. Can I be alone in this?

Our group was divided among people like me, who’d rather not collect or distribute more junk, and people worried that the runners would feel ripped off if we didn’t offer the bags.

I say skip the bags and put the money into either better quality T-shirts (as in not cotton) or the cause we’re all there to support in the first place.

So help us with market research. What swag do you really want from a fun run?

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Yvonne Mintz

Saw this on facebook and had to comment. Dryfit shirts are a good option. My fave race swag, though, is from LJFAT (Lake Jackson Freeport Area Triathetes) at their Firecracker 4. It's a non-crappy water bottle and towels. When you pass the finish line they pulll one of those filled water bottles out of a cooler and hand that to you with an iced-down towel to throw around your neck. Ahhhh. Good luck planning the race. Hope I can run it this year!

Kevin Lang

I don't think I'll ever live long enough to use up all of the pencils and pens I've received from various runs through the years.

The reusable tote bags are OK, because you can use them at the grocery store. The "backpack"-stype ones, though, I have too many of those already, and what do you do with them?

I like the idea of better shirts. I'd prefer the option of short-sleeve versus sleeveless. A little later in the year, and long-sleeve shirts would be cool, too.

I've received coffee mugs, beer mugs, and pint glasses in the past, and those are somewhat usable.

I also like getting medals upon completion, especially the ones that have a unique, event-specific design.


Agree. Very little swag is usable. Better shirt is good. Iced towels are wonderful - had them at commemorative James Glenn fun run in League City for years. Always felt medals were more for marathons (special design medals would be expensive for these shorter races!).

Ritchie Robertson

Drive fit shirts would be great. I only wear the cotton ones once before they get relegated to dusting or yard work. Thinking outside of the box, how about a pair of running socks or even a dri fit fabric runners hat. I never have enough socks to wear and always need another hat. Pencils and water bottles just get thrown out or put in the recycle bin. If cost is prohibitive I say give the money to charity. That it what this is for to begin with.

Jimi Luv

Energy bars, gels, trail mix and other portable foods to eat before, during, and after the run are always useful. As well as energy drinks and water. They will come in handy on race day more than another koozie, keychain or fridge magnet.


Steve Fouga

I don't run, but I ride 10-20 charity events each year. My favorite swag by far is high-quality shirts. Next is the stick-type sunscreen or lip protection -- SPF 15 or above. Sports gels or chewies are good because they are useful and keep forever. Everything else gets tossed.

Best of luck with the run!

Michelle Norvell

Agree with no swag bag... provide a quality T-shirt or donate it to the cause. Runners are there for exercise and/or recognition(if they are good) and/or to support a good cause.... whatever their reason, I have yet to hear one participant ever say they were there for the goodies. Most times it marketing junk that gets thrown out. [wink]

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