Sports Editor John DeLapp is training for his first 5K race, The Daily News Press Run, on Sept. 14, 2013.

Some of you may remember that recently I had a setback and was not able to find the time to get out and run. I had a pretty good idea that trying to pick up where I left off was not going to be pleasant.

I decided to roll back the clock a bit and use a workout plan from the beginning of Week 4 instead of trying to gut it out at the end of Week 5. It seems to have been a smart move. I ran farther faster this time around than I did the first time and afterward I felt a whole lot better, too.

If I didn't know better, I'd be thinking that I should just run every two weeks instead of three times per week. Or maybe I should just give up on running anything farther than two miles. I could probably live with that, except then I'd still have to face the fact I've never done a 5K.

I can't have that, so I'll be back on the road again tomorrow.

Ian Hunter provided the musical accompaniment for the workout. Why? Well, since I was turning back the clock, I decided to go with some music from a bygone day. At one time I had a very impressive 'do like Hunter, except I couldn't sing, or play guitar or piano like him.

And, before you ask, there are no photos of me with that head of hair.

Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson - "FBI"

(It's actually pretty much Ronson, but what a great way to start)

Ian Hunter - "Just Another Night"

Ian Hunter - "We Gotta Get Out of Here"

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