A lot of people have been calling and emailing with questions about the details of paying to park on the seawall. We had hoped to publish a how-to graphic about that in the newspaper, but didn't get the information in time to do that. What we did get yesterday afternoon is posted here. 

The top-two questions I've fielded are:

• Can I pay cash? As I reported today, the answer is no, sort of. You can buy a prepaid debit card and pay with that.

You can also pay cash at the 61st Fishing Pier, but be kind to owner Austin Kimbrough; he's just figuring this all out himself. The pier was the only merchant that signed to selling parking, according to the city. Kimbrough said a city official came by the pier at noon today and showed him how to buy annual passes. He did that for his employees and said he'd try to help others wanting to pay cash, but as of Thursday only had his personal smartphone to do the transactions. He said he wouldn't be charging for the service.

• What's the number this thing keeps asking for? It's 5004. You don't need to know a parking spot number, but you do need to tell the system that you want to buy parking time on the seawall. That area code, as it were, is 5004.


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