The Krewe of Gambrinus crowned its Royalty on Jan. 26 at the San Luis Resort’s ballroom.

King Gambrinus XXIV, Lawrence Thomson and HRH Queen, Sophia Smith, and her duchesses were beautifully outfitted with amazing capes and trains. Queen Sophia is one of the creative ladies that make the capes and trains for the Treasure Ball. These capes and trains are later loaned to many of Galveston’s Mardi Gras courts for their individual coronations.

What goes into making these artistic creations?

Sophie made her grandson’s cape this year.

“I used eighteen feet of satin, nine and a half feet of felt, six bolts of strung sequins (each bolt is 72 yards!), thirty-six feet of triple wide strung sequins, 600 mirrors and about a gallon of glue,” she said.

Over the period of six weeks, Sophia said she spent approximately 60 hours working on her grandson’s cape that will be Crown Prince for the 2013 Treasure Ball.

Sophia’s sense of humor comes out when she says “working on the Treasure Ball capes at the same time as serving as Gambrinus Queen can be a challenge, I was running to parties peeling glue off my fingers”.

The capes and trains add that sense of majesty to the Royal Courts.

The Royal Coronation for Krewe of Gambrinus would not be the same without these fabulous works of art.

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