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A reader found this unsavory note at the door of a once popular League City eatery.

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An observant reader sent me a photo of an unsavory note that was taped to the former door of Tex-Mex purveyor Don Julio's Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, 1804 W. FM 646 in League City.

The note, posted by landlord Inland American Retail Management, was slim on details, only stating Don Julio's was closed effective April 3.

The eatery opened about six years ago to pretty strong reader reviews. 

I left a message for the owner at Don Julio's in Seabrook, which remains open.

Will you miss the restaurant? What was your favorite dish? 

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Kevin Lang

We've gone there quite a few times over the years. They always seemed to be drawing fairly good business. It always seemed to be clean. I can't say that I had a favorite dish there, but everything I did try seemed to be well prepared, served promptly, and tasted quite good. We tried the Seabrook location, and didn't find it to be quite as good as the League City location. I'm sure we'll give it another try the next time we need a Don Julio fix. Hopefully, something good will take the place of Don Julio over there.

Kevin Lang

Laura, what do you know about all the land clearing on FM 270 between 518 and the county line? Also, is Roger's Bar and Grill really just closed for remodeling, or is it closed for good? Finally, do you know what's going in at the southeast corner of 518 and 45 where the Shell station used to be?

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

Hi Kevin,
I don't know the answer to the first two questions, but I'm pretty sure a TimeWise convenience store is going into the former Shell station. I buzzed that a few weeks ago. I will try to get some answers to the other questions. Stay tuned.

Sean Skipworth

My wife and son went a few months ago and the horrible service was only surpassed by the horrible food. Not very surprised to see this as the people seated around us were equally frustrated by the experience.

Kevin Lang

I can't remember when I last went. Probably before your trip. If they managed to turn their service around that much from their heyday, that certainly could turn things upside down really quickly, especially with the number of other Mexican restaurants within a few miles of there, such as Los Ramirez and San Lorenzo.

A Simsen

This used to be a great place to eat. The bar was fun and a casual place to grab a margarita and an appetizer. Then all of a sudden there was "new management" and it started going downhill from there. The margarita machine didn't work, they were out of queso one day (a Mexican restaurant out of queso?). One visit, my shoes were sticking to a sticky carpet as I walked to the ladies room. That same day, a woman with an earpiece was walking around barking orders at people while our usual waiters were rolling their eyes and talking about the changes being made. Disappointed that it didn't make it. Good luck to their remaining location.


I was totally disappointed when we visited there last month. The food was cold. The carpet smelled bad, service was bad. I/we felt that we were a bother. I can see why they closed. My family was the only customer there.


Fred Utley

Disappointed and sad to see them go. One of the best evenings of my life was spent there and many days & evenings of enjoyment followed. It will be missed.

Herb Kavanaugh

I guess that Don Juilos is gone, but would love to find a good plate of German food and Bravarian atmostphere. Is there such a place in Galveston County??

Carlos Ponce

I can't think of any in Galveston County. In the last century there was Das Hoffbraugarten German Village on 517 in Dickinson in the early 1970's. The GDN column, "Beachcomber" by Christie Mitchell reported it had "good food, cold beer and pulsating German music". The Mike Barker Band of Santa Fe used to perform there. I wonder why it closed. Sounds like a good business opportunity for someone. I could use some Wiener schnitzel which is not a hot dog but resembles a chicken fried steak in appearance.

George Croix

Isn't Weiner schnitzel Austrian, as in where Vienna is?
The German's I know use pork, instead of veal, to make their schnitzel.
I figure thay drink that nasty dark beer to get the pork taste out of their mouths...beam]

Carlos Ponce

You're right. Weiner schnitzel is Austrian, but most German Restaurants in the United States will serve it along with the traditional pork schnitzel. I don't drink beer so I'll take your word on the dark beer being nasty. Einige Wein wäre schön!

George Croix

I gave it all up in 1998.
Diet Coke instead of booze or brew allows one to quench one's thirst without impairing normal sensory my age, I need all the advantage I can get...[smile]

Kevin Lang

The closest I can think of is the Alpine Brauhaus on Nasa Parkway at I-45 in the shopping center with Chili's and Conn's (formerly Star Furniture) and Star Cinema Grill.

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