Teresa's Taqueria & Grill

Beef enchiladas al carbon with Teresa's Taqueria & Grill house margarita. On the right is a plate of Kemah Enchiladas (special cream sauce filled with chicken fajita). Those enchiladas are accompanied by the Princesa Sunrise, a colorful but even better tasting mixed drink, eatery officials say. 

Courtesy art/Sergio Loredo

It’s hard to imagine any city in Texas without a taqueria. It’s like a French city without a patisserie. 

So, I was surprised to learn this morning that Kemah this month welcomed its first such eatery. (As a disclaimer, I have no way of verifying the claim.)

Alicia and Oswaldo Hilario have opened Teresa’s Taqueria & Grill, 1415 state Highway 146, just south of city hall in Kemah.

“In a city where restaurant seats easily outnumber the population, Teresa’s Taqueria is the first taqueria in Kemah,” according to the email announcement I received this morning about the eatery.

The menu reflects the Hilarios’ heritage from the states of San Luis Potosi and Toluca in Mexico, according to the email.

Alicia Hilario says that the most popular fare include the various enchiladas. On Saturdays, the restaurant will serve traditional Mexican menudo (a tripe soup).

Teresa’s Taqueria, which also serves breakfast tacos — you can eat them there or to go — is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The taqueria is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. It’s closed on Sundays. Margaritas, Mexican beers and specialty drinks complete the bar menu. Sergio Loredo is the manager.

For information, call 281-532-6986.

So, what’s your favorite taqueria in Galveston County? And what makes a good one? Although I think cleanliness is a virtue in all restaurants, I like a taqueria that isn’t too pristine or fussy. It has to have a settled in look, like a nice chair. Customer service has to be good and the service fast. Those are just some of my thoughts.

What do you think makes or breaks a taqueria? 

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Rick Wade

My favorite is San Lorenzos 's Taqueria on Marina Bay Dr in League City.

Steve Fouga

Wow, tough question... 901 Postoffice Cocina on the Island is a full-menu Mexican restaurant, but the barbacoa tacos are unbelievable! Gorditas Mexico on Seawall has excellent tacos as well. So does Henry's on Broadway.

I think the tacos themselves make the taqueria, and I'll cut the venue all kinds of slack if the tacos are good. They should be served on soft corn tortillas, preferably lightly grilled just before serving, and a little greasy. The meat -- preferably barbacoa, carnitas, or carne asada -- should be adorned with only cilantro and onion.

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