Discount grocer Aldi is delaying its ribbon-cutting ceremony and opening date of its Kemah store.

Aldi had planned an Oct. 24 opening of the store, 222 FM 518. To celebrate the opening, it planned a ribbon-cutting and product sampling event for Oct. 22. Both the ribbon-cutting and opening have been canceled.

Aldi officials have not yet rescheduled the ribbon-cutting or opening day. And they declined to comment about the reason for the delay.

But they did promise to keep us updated when they’re ready to announce fresh dates.

No-frills Aldi sells only about 1,400 of the fastest-moving products, mostly under its private label and for prices 50 percent less than traditional supermarkets. Aldi credits efficiency for low pricing.

The grocer eliminates overhead cost by such practices as a cart rental system through which shoppers insert a quarter to release a cart and receive the quarter back upon the cart’s return.

Other cost-saving practices include a smaller store footprint, open carton displays and encouraging customers to bring their own bags.

Aldi also lowers costs by keeping stores open during prime shopping times.

When it opens, the Kemah store will operate from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Altogether, Germany-based Aldi plans to open 30 Houston-area stores in the next three years. The chain operates 1,200 U.S. stores.

Do you plan to shop at the Kemah Aldi?

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