This is why I’m not rich. A decade ago, when e-cigarettes were invented, I didn’t think they had much of a future. I thought it would be sort of like nonalcoholic beer or that faux fat Olean, used in the Olestra potato chips.

But this month, I was proven wrong. Very wrong.

The use of smokeless, nicotine-delivering cigarette-like products are gaining huge popularity and this month for the first time was reported by to be a $1 billion industry.

And one island store is in on the trend. Last week, Island Vaporium opened at 2001 61st St.

The shop, owned by Steve Salisbury and Cindy Milina, specializes in electronic cigarettes and accessories and offers everything from starter kits for smokers who are trying to kick the habit and disposable units for those going clubbing or just want to try them.

In-store testers are available. 

E-cigarette users don’t smoke, they “vape.” Milina said.

E-cigarettes, which are odorless, were invented in 2003 and still only represent 1 percent of the $80 billion U.S. cigarette market, according to reports. But they have a lot of growth potential.

“Consumption of e-cigs may overtake traditional cigarettes in the next decade,” Wells Fargo analyst Bonnie Herzog told

So who out there has tried e-cigarettes? Do you agree they'll overtake real cigarettes? And did you ever predict a product would fail miserably only to watch it succeed? If so, what was it?

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Judy Steffens

There is another electric cigerette location preparing to open in the Kroger center in League City at I-45 & 518 by Spec's liguor. Nasa E-Cigs is waiting for permenant signage and planning the grand opening in about 3 weeks. A friend of mine, Brenda Walker, decided to bring this to the area after seeing a simular idea in Dallas. E-cigs helped her and several friends give up tobacco over a year ago. This location will also feature tropical decor and a "nobacco" lounge.

Cindy Milina

That's great news, Judy! We'd like to meet them and welcome them aboard! Ask them to contact Steve @ Island Vaporium, 832-282-7589. [beam]

love my island

I tried them for the first time last week, and I love them!

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

Thanks for the tip on the Nasa E-Cigs! I'd like to include them in Biz Buzz.

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