Rudy & Paco make the list

Rudy & Paco is among eight island eateries ranked on Zagat's list of restaurants that make a Galveston trip worth it.

Courtesy photo/Rudy & Paco

Zagat, a national organization that offers restaurant guides and reviews based on user-generated content, has singled out seven island eateries and a bar that it says makes the trip to Galveston worth it. Click here to see the list.

Here’s what Zagat had to say:

“The Mardi Gras fun begins in Galveston this weekend, and people will be flocking to the island to celebrate. But even after the parades have long gone away, these eight places are reason enough to make the haul down any time of year. If you can't make it to Mardi Gras, remember that spring break is just around the corner.”

The eateries are:

Number 13

Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar

Black Pearl Oyster Bar & Grille

Rudy & Paco

The Spot

The Sunflower Bakery & Cafe

Beerfoot Beach Bar

Mosquito Café

Do you agree with the list? What restaurant or bar would you add?

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Steve Fouga

I'd add Farley Girls. In one of your threads I commented that we were looking for another restaurant similar to Sunflower and Mosquito in quality and vibe... Well, we found it in Farley Girls. Reliably good food, friendly servers and management, crisp upbeat atmosphere -- obviously put together by someone who knows their stuff. Plentiful free parking and great hours, too.

IMO, both Olympia Grill locations top some of the selections on Zagat's list.

ShyKatz would make my list if they had more healthy choices and longer hours. I would have chosen Gumbo Diner on Seawall over Gumbo Bar downtown. Not sure why Number 13 made the list after only a few weeks of operation, but it has sky-high potential -- to match its prices.

Miceal O'Laochdha

I wonder of Streeter"s (the lovely little club that used to be on that site before the Mosquito Café) was on the Zagat list; anyone remember?

That's where I learned how to roach race...

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