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Lynn Parks

We ate lunch there a few days ago. We enjoyed it very much. The Tacos are great

Bill Clement

I ate there for lunch a few day ago. The food was very good [beam]

David Ozment

Ask for the "HOT" Sauce it really good.

Steve Fouga

Haven't been yet; didn't even know about it so thanks for the tip! Will definitely try it.

Steve Fouga

Well, we tried it. I hesitate to comment yet because it's just one time. Great energy -- crisp, clean, bustling, businesslike. Helpful, competent staff. The food we ordered was so-so, if that. My impression is that there's plenty to like on the menu, but we didn't happen to order it. We'll definitely try again. (I forgot to ask for the HOT sauce, and didn't order the tacos; maybe that would have made the difference.)

It's great news that their hours are 7:00-10:00, unlike several of the Island's restaurants. The bad news is that on weekdays breakfast is only served till 11:00.

Barb Falkenhagen

Had lunch on Sunday; great food. I ordered the chicken with poblano sauce. The chicken was tender, the sauce was delicious and the serving size was perfect. We loved the green sauce served with the chips. It took a long time to get our check so we gave up and walked to the register; only complaint and that is small. We can't wait to go back.

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