Store wars coming to Baybrook

Microsoft is growing its Texas presence, with plans to soon open its 10th store in Baybrook Mall. Last month, Microsoft opened a store in The Woodland.

Courtesy photo/Microsoft

This should get interesting.

Microsoft is booting up a retail store at Baybrook Mall.

The company said today it would open its 10th Texas store at the mall, where it will go up against Apple, which installed itself in the shopping center several years ago.

The 1,156-square-foot Microsoft store will employ about 25 people and will offer Windows 8.1 PCs, tablets, Windows Phones, Xbox One, Microsoft Office 365 and more.

Staff will also answer questions, make recommendations and help with PC setups.

In 2009, Microsoft opened its first retail store in Scottsdale, Ariz. 

The chain has grown to 100 stores. 

No word on the exact opening date of the Baybrook store, but I hope to have that answer in Tuesday’s Biz Buzz.

I’m an Apple fan and have never been to a Microsoft store. Where do your loyalties lie?

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Jeff Smith

The Apple store is Genius! We have used them several times, free of cost. Take your phone or iPad in with you and they help you set up your syncing, accounts, or any other problem, and it's fixed.

Ellen Morrison

We're iPhone folks and I previously used to be a Mac person (until school prevented me from spending that much on a replacement computer).

That said, my husband recently received a Surface Pro 2 tablet, and we are both quite impressed with it. Seems to have many work applications, since Microsoft Office is the staple and this is built with that in mind (vs. entertainment).

Interesting how they seem to have deliberately set themselves up in the correct niche. Usually businesses don't seem to find the right one!

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