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Steve Fouga

I find myself buying wires and connectors from Radio Shack, televisions and computers from Best Buy.

It wouldn't surprise me if they closed the Seawall store.

Steve Lamb

As a self described computer nerd, amateur radio operator, and electronics experimenter, I associate radio shack with a place to buy various parts and supplies for my projects. The problem is that is recent years, the people they employee have no clue what you are talking about when you go in and ask for a power supply, diode, or resistor. They can sell you all the batteries you can ever use, but that's about it. That's why I don't shop there anymore. I would much rather drive to EPO in Webster, where they do know what you are asking for, and even take an interest in whatever project you may be working on. I think Radio Shack would be best served if they were to try to get back to their roots as a hobbyists store, and quit trying to compete with Best Buy and the like.

Lars Faltskog

My latest trip to the Seawall location, which was approximately 5 months ago, was not the best experience. They had a female employee who was curt and rushed me through a purchase (although store was not crowded). On top of that, she made assumptions that I didn't know the kind of product I was looking for when I indeed knew what I wanted. I was looking for a female couplet because I already had a male couplet to attach it to. She insisted I needed a male one, even though this was an unusual circumstance. A very trying interaction.

All of this was rather disillusioning because in the past I had been having nothing but good experiences for years there. Maybe that day was the "beginnning of the end" for their location there.

Carlos Ponce

Good observation, sverige! If you have a male couplet, you need a female couplet to attach to it. You almost sound like Phil Robertson.[innocent]

Lars Faltskog

Chester Wanamaker and Jim Dixon from Newhart

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