Sonny's Place returns

Sonny's Place owner Lawrence Puccetti Jr., known by everyone as "Junior," is featured in this photo taken in 2006.


After a five-month absence, the grill is going again at popular island eatery Sonny’s Place, 1206 19th St.

Readers are happily reporting the return of Sonny's Place, known for homemade chicken soup, triple-meat cheeseburgers, muffalettas and chicken-fried steak sandwiches (aka Artery Cloggers).

One reader emailed: “Just had my favorite — chili cheeseburger with small fries and a root beer. Thought this might be good news for Sonny's fans to make it into your column.”

It is good news.

Sonny’s Place was closed to allow owner Lawrence Puccetti Jr. (known to most as Junior) to recover from knee surgery.

Sonny’s Place traces its roots to 1937 and has served as a restaurant since 1944. The eatery isn’t just famous for food, but also for not tolerating bad language and bad behavior.

Visitors and locals alike are big fans of the eatery.

What did you miss the most while Sonny’s was closed?

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Susan Syler

I missed the best fried shrimp on the island. But even more, I missed bringing first-timers to Sonny's so they could get "mustarded."

Tim Thompson

I missed the cheeseburger but I got my fix today (the spaghetti, coney islands, friday gumbo, chili, muffaletta and oysters, among other things, are also good), and they had a pretty decent crowd. It was sad not seeing Larry in his usual perch by the huge, ancient cash register (he'll sorely be missed) but Sonny's continues on, after 70 years in business, a Galveston icon.

Albert S. Gonzales

The Spaghetti, Soup, Chile, a cold beer and the ambiance. Larry will always be missed.

Albert S. Gonzales

Went to Sonny's with friends this evening and enjoyed the wonderful chile, some deep fried French Fries and a cold beer. Richard is back in the kitchen and the food is coming out as great as ever. by the time we left the place was just about full. Richard mentioned to me earlier that they had a full house Thursday...folks are just plane hungry for the great food and the ambiance Sonny's has always had. So glad they are back. Oh, Junior and the Mrs showed up looking great as ever.

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