Baybrook Mall major expansion

Rendering of a proposed 500,000-square-foot outdoor expansion of Baybrook Mall. 

Courtesy photo/General Growth Properties

At a time when most regional malls are struggling to stay relevant, Baybrook Mall is planning to add 555,000 square feet to the 1.2-million-square-foot shopping center.

The multi-million dollar outdoor expansion will add more than 30 retailers, 10 restaurants and entertainment and hospitality venues to the property.

But officials aren’t naming the restaurants or retailers until leases are signed. New tenants also will include big-box stores.

Baybrook Mall, at Interstate 45 S. and Bay Area Boulevard, is 100 percent leased and looking to grow with a fast-growing area, officials said.

The new development will include a 285,000-square-foot “lifestyle” expansion that connects to the existing property between Forever 21 and Dillard’s.

A 270,000-square-foot power center will complete the project with a variety of big-box anchor tenants, restaurants and “family-friendly” activities. The expansion also will include a single-story parking deck.

Another key component of the development includes a grassy lawn, the length of a football field, which is meant to serve as a gathering spot for visitors.

The project is a joint-venture between General Growth Properties and the landowner, a CDC Houston-managed entity.

Work is expected to begin in May with completion by the 2015 holiday season.

I have so many questions for readers: What restaurants/stores would you like to see at the development?

Do you still shop at Baybrook Mall?

Has Tanger Outlets changed your shopping habits?

Do you think this is a good development for the area?


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Martha Fry

I don't go to the Mall as a rule. Occasionally I'll stop at Dillard's for some shoes but I haven't been in the Mall proper in years. I do shop at Tanger, but I'm never sure if I'm really getting a great deal or not. Most merchants seem to be selling goods manufactured specifically for the outlet stores instead of selling their overstock. If Baybrook Mall can stay fully-leased, I think the expansion is a good thing. It's only a problem when stores start to close...see Mall of the Mainland.

Steve Fouga

I seldom go to any mall anymore, even the good ones like Baybrook. Occasionally I'll visit the Apple Store if I need a human to help me -- otherwise I use the online store.

I only go to Tanger if I need shoes and can't find what I want online.


Went into Baybrook recently for the first time in years for something specific (there for about 30 minutes max, would have been less if I'd gone in the correct entrance) and have never been to Tanger. I do go to a couple of restaurants on the Baybrook perimeter on rare occasions. Don't really care what stores they get, I don't need anything so won't shop there.


As a suggestion to Baybrook Mall, that parking area by Dillards has for years been plagued by robberies. I had a relative that had her pursue and car stolen coming out of the store. Last year, may be wrong, but I believe someone was raped there. Now, Baybrook Mall, this is your chance to end the cycle. While building the expansion, put a strong emphasis on security. Don't overkill it, but eliminate the opportunities for thieves. Add some well-lite parking garages that have direct access to Dillards or the Forever-21, and have assigned security officers to them. Add more security cameras to the parking lots, but have visible monitors by the main entrances that each vehicle can see themselves on entering or leaving the parking lots. If a thief knows he's on camera, they may think twice about it and leave. Other than that, It's about time all that property between the mall and Sam's will be put to use. I lived in Sugarland when they added on to the mall there. That same concept should do well here. Only issue I see will be parking.


Agree. We had to park between Dillards and The Cheesecake Factory when it first opened. It was early evening around 6:30 we got back to the car and it had been broken in to. It was under a light and there were other cars parked there. Last time I have been to the Mall or Cheescake Factory.

Harry Allen

This is great news! I would love to see a bit of a higher end retail store. I don't think Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue is realistic but a Nordstrom would be great.

Kathy Maddox

Tanger is worthless. I get better deals on Amazon. I'll probably never go back there, but I will go to Buccee's. I go to the mall once in a while, but would go a lot more if it had a Nordstrom's. They could also use more unique stores.

As for security, they should have a mounted patrol like the Woodlands Mall. I felt very safe & would go Christmas shopping at 10:00 p.m. & feel safe. [smile]

Andy Aycoth

Donnie B, god bless you !

Andy Aycoth

I love the fact TC mall is fully leased and a vibrant mall. You suck Baubrook !

Centerpointe Moderator

It's nice to see growth, but the development needs to be done functionally, and we're still waiting on more details about how they plan to handle mobility issues.

From the limited information rendered, it appears that they want to eliminate Baybrook Mall Drive (the public right-of-way which flanks the mall on its north side), which would force even more traffic onto Bay Area, which already gridlocks routinely. There's no information yet on what the overall traffic management plan will be.

I've already blogged about this and contacted the Houston City Council member for that area. It's a bit confusing because the mall is within Houston's city limits despite falling into Friendswood's zip zone (although sometimes you'll see it described as Webster).

Carolyn Meehan

Do you think this is a good development for the area?

NO! Just google Parks at Arlington Mall located in Arlington TX to see how badly GGP screwed up that mall. Adding the entertainment venue killed existing retail at The Parks almost overnight. GGP's "expansion" at the Parks Mall is how The Highlands (high-end) shopping area came to be just one exit east of that now-ruined mall. So many retailers moved out of The Parks & headed for The Highlands leaving a crime-ridden "entertainment" area. You think there is crime at Baybrook now? I predict that Friendswood will put forth a crime tax election for a vote in less than 2 years after this foolish "expansion". Friendswood city council - are you reading this? NEVER mix retail with entertainment.

Carolyn Meehan

Cpointe_Mod states that Baybrook Mall is in Houston. Edit my prior post to address Houston city council regarding crime tax.

Centerpointe Moderator

It is confusing as the area is alternately claimed by Houston, Friendswood, and Webster, but the mall itself sits squarely in Houston (if I'm remembering correctly, they annexed it decades ago specifically for the tax revenue). This map bears that out:

I believe this is the person to contact if you have any concerns you'd like to express, including concerns about crime potential, which is something I didn't think of (I was concerned mostly with traffic):

Lauren Laake
Deputy Chief of Staff
Office of Council Member Dave Martin
District E
832.393.3008 (o)
832.393.3279 (f),

Jeff Smith

The property up to and including Baybrrok mall was once Friendswood ETJ. It still has the US Postal Service mailing address, though the ETJ was traded for other land to Houston. The Friendswood council at that time did not want Friendswood to lose its Quaker heritage and family setting, so they traded land with Houston. History lesson for the day.

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