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Ellen Morrison

Bummer. If it was any good, it would have been packed. Maybe a location closer to UTMB would be better? Hopefully those restauranteurs are still looking for locations.

Steve Fouga

I've only been here a couple years, but I've already learned not to be surprised by which eateries the Island will and won't support. And how readily proprietors will drop a seemingly successful enterprise to pursue other opportunities.

I would happily welcome a Thai restaurant, regardless of location. Korean and Indian, too. I think the Island could use a traditional Chinese restaurant as well, but those seem to be going the way of the dodo everywhere, taken over by buffets.


As far as Thai food goes, I could take it or leave it. But I dearly miss the Courtyard Cafe.

Steve Fouga

Me too, the Courtyard part. But man, good Thai food is a personal favorite. I wonder which is the closest Thai restaurant to the Island.

Ron Shelby

For years I've that that the island would support Thai as well as good Indian curry restaurant. Neither one is respresented locally.

Larry Kirkendall

I would support it. I think islanders would support any quality Restaurant in Galveston, and a great location to boot.

Curtiss Brown

I like the Courtyard food and went there a number of times. I just didn't like eating in a automobile parking lot.

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