Hartz Chicken Buffet

Hartz Chicken Buffet opened Monday on Palmer Highway in Texas City. JENNIFER REYNOLDS/The Daily News

Jennifer Reynolds

Hartz Chicken Buffet opened today in Texas City and by all accounts was well received.

Mainland editor TJ Aulds reports spotting a respectable lunchtime crowd when he drove past the eatery, 2711 Palmer Highway in the building formerly occupied by Texas Seafood.

Surprisingly, I've gotten a lot of emails from readers over the months eager for the opening. Some said they were big fans of the yeast rolls at Hartz.

That's what I like about readers of this blog. Culinary interests are wide-ranging. 

It’s been a really, really long time since I’ve eaten at a Hartz Buffet.

In high school, I was a fan of the okra and other vegetables at Hartz. But I preferred the spices in the chicken served by KFC and Popeye's more.

These days, my encounters with fast-food fried chicken is few and far between. I don't have the turbo-charged metabolism I did in high school. 

Still, I can always live vicariously through others. Are you a fan of Hartz Chicken? If not, among the chains, which makes the best fried chicken? Biscuits? 

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I would like Hartz to do a healthier fried chicken and not so much fried.

Frank Emmite

I love Hartz for their gizzards and livers. Apparently the other chicken places thinks no one likes those. I have a Hartz that is closer to me in League City but getting out is a nightmare (traffic) so glad I have a choice.[tongue]

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