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Mike Meador

Right. I've been waiting to see another Mexican restaurant opened. Over-priced, over-cooked fajitas and about .01% of alcohol in their 'ritas.

Kelly Surber

Love the El Tiempo in the Montrose area.

Mike Leahy

We often have breakfast on Sundays at the El Tiempo a block down from Ninfa's, on Navigation in Houston.

The food is outstanding, the prices almost shockingly reasonable, the place is beautiful and the service is sometimes great, sometimes good enough.

Personally, I wish they would skip the Webster location if it is troublesome and open on the Island instead. I would only be worried they might hurt the business of the Apache, El Pueblo and the former Taco House. I am grateful those places are still hanging in there.

Miss Priss

Believe it or not opening a restaurant in the fall is the best time after the kiddies go back to school and the families get into a routine. August and September are the worst months to open a rsstaurant because those months are the slowest in that industry. The Laurenzo bros know what they are doing. The restaurant in Webster is massive compared to their other locations and it effects the staff skill level and numbers to run it.

Blanca Bell

I'm with you Cougargator, overpriced, mediocre food and drinks are the norm in Webster. Two draft beers at Papsito's are $10:50. Talk about a rip off!

Carol Dean

Has anyone else ever noticed that all of the previous restaurants who have occupied the new El Tiempo location in Webster have all succumbed to failure?

Kevin Lang

Pinches survived there for quite some time--more than 10 years as I recall. The other half of the building did seem to be a revolving door.

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