As promised, Flamingo Bar and Grill has opened, replacing the more upscale Flamingo Steak and Seafood, 6028 Heards Lane on the island.

And it remains to be seen whether loyal fans will again flock to the 10,000-square-foot Flamingo building, which has been home to a long line of eateries, including China Border, China Island Buffet and Saka Sushi & Hibachi.

The freshly opened and more casual Flamingo Bar and Grill is being billed as a sports and entertainment venue.

Owner Bob Greig said he wanted to create a place where men would hang out, watch some sports, play pool or shoot darts.

But the more upscale Flamingo Steak and Seafood Flamingo, open less than a year, was by all accounts popular and appealed to a both men and women before it closed abruptly early last month.

The new menu includes pizzas, wings, sandwiches, burgers and such. But it does offer some seafood dinners.

Meanwhile, former Flamingo General Manager Brett Otteman, has returned to Landry’s Inc., working as general manager of Fish Tales on the Seawall.

Otteman declined to elaborate about his departure and said he wished Flamingo well. (I'll have more in tomorrow's Biz Buzz).

So, do you plan to try the more casual concept? Or have you already? Please let us know what you think.



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Phil Newton

Can't see it being on my list, but I prefer smaller more intimate places.

Steve Fouga

If I hear that the food is really, really great from a really, really reliable source then I would try it. I have no need for sports bars unless they serve outstanding food. I can watch TV and drink without leaving the house. Choose my own channels, too. A sports bar is about the last thing I would have wished for.

Personally, I was unimpressed and disappointed with the original Flamingo concept. I found the food to be below average, although the service was good. I'm not sure why the restaurant was considered "popular." I drive past it several times each week in my normal travels, and seldom see more than a few cars in the lot.

The "volatility index" for Island restaurants is off the charts. (I just made that term up to encapsulate the idea of restaurants starting, stopping, and switching formats.) Keeps Laura's blog exciting.

Lars Faltskog

Response to Jake Buckner posted at 8:47 pm on Mon, Sep 16, 2013:

Indeed the volatality index is high. I think you coined the newest, most appropriate term that fits the island real well.

I thought the 1st Flamingo go-around was better suited for the location. That is, being where it is "on the way out" of leaving Galveston. For some reason, I think of sports bars as being more appropriate downtown, or on the way to Jamaica Beach or Surfside.

I never understood the "sports bar" concept. Doesn't seem very inclusive. Aside from both genders from the roadhouse element, I would think that a majority of women would be turned off. So, there's wives prodding husbands/partners to go to Flamingos out of the picture here. Then, you have many of the rest of us who are weary of all the sports craze as it is. Folks don't need to go to a sports bar to hear strangers whoop it up. They can instead throw a shin-dig at their house (to keep embarrassing relatives from making a scene in public), or go to cousin Al's house - the one on the block who has Texans flags/banners all draped tackily along his front porch. His plates, napkins, silverware, and the crapper are dutifully designed with Texan memorabilia and motif. And, I certainly wouldn't bring my Aunt Ruthie and her asperger's son with me to a sports bar for a family outing.

Restarurant concept FAIL.

rene salinas

I actually think a sports bar is a good idea for Galveston. Are there really any others there on the island? There are a large number of tourists the come to Galveston for vacation that would love to still be able to see their team while away from home. I hope this place is a true sports bar with good service and lots of TV’s and lots of choices of programs to watch i.e. NASCAR, Football, Soccer, Baseball, and Boxing, and any pay-per-view sports.. I plan to go check this place out for myself soon.[wink]


My husband and I went to the "new" Flamingo sports bar. As we walked up, a group of 4 walking out told us to turn around and go elsewhere because the food was certainly not like the steakhouse it was. The other 2 couples took their advice and went elsewhere, we stayed because we were only going for drinks and pool. The game room area was nice, but to try and have a nice area for restaurant food, didn't seem right. Plus, there had to be more people working than customers to patronize that business. Had more customer when it was steakhouse and more class! Friendly workers...

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