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william kent

Interesting rumor about the Pelican Club. Sounds like a band aid approach as the place has been losing members right and left in recent years. An overhaul is needed to return the place to the days when Bruce was the maitre d'

Mary Branum

This answers some questions. We have not received our renewal billing for the Pelican Club membership, When I called PC last month, was told the statements were late going out due to e new computer system. The always were mailed in December.

It is a shame that no one really uses the club anymore. Only filled up for special occasions which won't help the bottom line.
Have always enjoyed the quieter atmosphere as opposed to Gado's with the noise.

Steve Fouga

Sorry to hijack your blog, Laura, but since this thread doesn't really have a topic...

Anyone else disappointed with Number 13 Prime Steak & Seafood? We've been twice, and I'm surprised to be saying this, but we found it underwhelming. Not bad by any means, but for a place clearly aiming at being the best in G-Town, it's struggling.

Service is average, menu is small and unusual, food ranges from terrible to outstanding but mainly average, atmosphere is nice but not fabulous...

At Number 13's price point, nothing short of excellence is acceptable -- at least if it wants to compete with the Island's other high-end offerings. Number 13 may eventually achieve what it obviously aspires too, but IMO it's off to a slow start.

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

Please, hijack away. I'm always interested to hear what readers have to say about new restaurants. I hope we get more feedback from your post. I've been twice for lunch and had a pleasant experience — the service was good and I liked the food for the most part — but am not really supposed to give full-out reviews or offer strong opinions. That's tough, because I always have strong opinions about food.

Steve Fouga

I figured a person in your position isn't allowed strong opinions in print. But I do wish Galveston had a genuine restaurant critic, like Alison Cook at the Chron. With all the cultured folks in G-Town, surely somebody is qualified! Maybe not as qualified as Ms Cook, but someone's bound to be able to both eat and write!

I guess Galv.com is a decent resource, but I prefer an actual newspaper column...

lauraelder Staff
Laura Elder

I think it would be great to have a reviewer also. I'll bring it up with the editors. It would be a highly read column, I think.

Jim Forsythe

Maybe it does not have to be just one.


Definitely agree a restaurant critic would be a welcome addition.

Steve Fouga

"Aspires to..." not "too."

Geez I hate not being able to edit posts...

Mary Branum

Another opinion on Number 13.
We found it excellent with a large menu, many options, impeccable service and a refreshing atmosphere.
The menu won't appeal to all, but it was refreshing to find a number of dishes that would only be available at some top restaurants in Houston.
Definitely not disappointing to us. Looking forward to our return.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Personally, for that Bayou area, I miss John's Oyster Resort, after the craftsmen did such a great job of remodeling that worn out old lady. To enjoy great food surrounded by the work of some of the best Island restoration carpenters, in a classic old place like that, was a great Galveston experience. It disappeared in the years I was away from the Island, I guess they were unable to do enough business to make a go of it.

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