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Steve Fouga

I seldom eat at Bistro LeCroy.

Honestly, I've never heard the term "crowd funding," and I can't see myself using it for one of my own ventures. Is crowd funding what is happening at street corners when someone asks for money -- the "crowd" in this case being the motorists stopped at a red light? I guess a better example is when political candidates accept contributions to support their campaigns.

I hope Bistro LeCroy is able to make a go of it. I know they have a loyal following, and are more or less an institution in downtown G-Town.

Kevin Martin

I've eaten there a few times and EVERY time I have eaten there, the portions were small and the service was horrible. Not to mention the food was not good at all.

Go to Benno's if you want good cajun food in Galveston.

Mike Leahy

Actually, the institution at this location was, for many, many years: the Peacock Café. The Peacock was lovingly referred to by most folks as the "Dirty Bird", and with very good reason.

It was, without doubt, infinitely cheaper to operate the Peacock and, while I must presume the entire building was disinfected by radiological means after the Dirty Bird days; I would suggest the financially struggling current owners try returning to the far less upscale, yet Galveston-culturally rich, name and business model of the beloved old Peacock Café.

Chris Gimenez

I wonder if they've ever considered taking out an insurance policy to cover losses they can't cover out of pocket. You know, before something bad happens. Just a thought.

Mike Leahy

Sam, for good New Orleans style meals, you might also consider Cowboy's Cajun Kitchen, on the Strand between 19th and 20th. A fairly new operation, the Cajun food there is very good, in my opinion.

Steve Fouga

Ditto. Cowboy's is a welcome addition to the downtown restaurant scene.

I'm not a Cajun cuisine expert, but I like the food at Leo's Cajun Corner on Broadway. Nice, friendly folks there too.

David Peterson

I have been at dinner there and do recommend them. I hope they get back.

Blanca Bell

I know everone including myself hates paying for insurance but in this case it sure would have helped. The coverage would be based on sales and guessing by the comments below the policy wouldn't have cost very much.

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